What Is Paint Correction?

Paint Correction is the process of leveling the clearcoat back down to a smooth surface for a perfect reflective shine.

1 Step Polish
Up to 70% defect removal
Starting at $400

2 Step Compound/polish
90-100% defect removal
Starting at 600

What Is Ceramic Coating?
A ceramic coating is a nano polymer/resin that acts as a sacrificial Clearcoat.
It bonds to the factory clearcoat while preserving it for years to come.
Extra benefits include more Gloss, better hydrophobic properties, better chemical/UV resistance,Cleans up easier during washes, and can help reduce micro-marring.

ALL Ceramic Coating Services require a paint correction package.

Basic Ceramic Coating
1 layer
3 years of protection
starting at $200

Pro consumer Ceramic Coating
2 layers
5 years protection
Starting at $300

Ultimate Self healing Ceramic Coating
3 layers
5 years protection
starting at $450