Vac N Wipe $75
Quick, but thorough vacuum.
Wipe down all hard plastic.
No stain removal.
Perfect for maintance.

Vac N Steam $100
Brush and thorough vacuum.
Pre treat stains with spot Removal.
Agitate with Brush.
Steam and Wipe away filth.
Dress all hard material for UV protection.
Clean inside windows.
No headliner cleaning.

The Works $150
Brush carpet and upholstry.
Thorough Vacuum.
Pretreat stains.
Clean headliner.
Shampoo carpets and matts.
Agitate with drill brush attachment.
Wipe away filth with rags.
Steam carpets.
Dress all hard material with UV protection.
Clean inside windows.

*Fabric coating – prevents stains and soiling with UV protection.. $50
*Leather coating – Prevents dye transfer, UV protection, anti bacterial/Fungal. $50

*Extra dirty fee $30
*Heavy pet hair removal $40 up-charge