Headlight Restoration

If you want the best Headlight Restoration in Pittsburgh, We are for you!

Why restore your headlights? 2 reasons

Safety! If your headlights are clouded white or yellow, your viewing distance is dramatically shortened, and is unsafe to drive!
Aesthetics, it makes your car look appealing again.

Depending on severity of damage done to the lens, we offer four Headlight Restoration packages to transform your headlights back to new condition.
Basic Restore $50/Pair
1 step Headlight compound.
1 coat of Ceramic coating.
No resurface, perfect for clouded lens with no pitting within the surface.
1 year warranty!
Intermediate Restore $75/Pair
2 Step heavy compound.
1 coat of UV coating.
No resurface, perfect for clouded lens with minor pitting.
2 year warranty!

Advanced Restore $125/Pair
2 step wet-sanding disc.
1 step polish.
2 coats of UV coating.
Resurface for lens with pitting and or factory UV coating delamination.
3 year warranty!

Pro Restore $250/Pair
5 step sanding disc procedure.
4 coats of UV coating.
Complete resurface and removal of Factory UV coating, perfect for lens with heavy pitting and or cracked/crazed factory UV coating.
*$50 extra to sand any orange peel away to ensure perfect smoothness.
Lifetime warranty!

We offer THE BEST Headlight Restoration Services around.