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First and foremost, We are Mobile and come to you at your convenience. We gladly service Pittsburgh and the surrounding counties.

We offer the most rewarding experience in the Pittsburgh  Auto Detailing scene.

We use the most update techniques and “Best Practices” in all aspects of our Services.

We are an authorized CS2 coating installer

CS2 Ceramic Coating

Wash Procedures

We can perform  a proper 0 bucket, 1 bucket and 2 bucket Wash method

We use proper quality wash mitts  and demonstrate the correct wash method to ensure no swirls are induced into your clear coat while every inch has been touched with soap and agitated for a complete and thorough wash.

Drying Procedure

Another important aspect of the wash is proper drying technique and the use of more then adequate GSM rated Microfiber towels.  We can also do a touch-less dry via our turbo car dryer!

If a detailer lacks those, its inevitable that your paint finish will  be swirled and mirco-marred all over. We give full attention and perform a proper dry to avoid this common mistake.

Paint Decontamination

We Chemically decontaminate the Paint to dissolve any Iron deposits from brakes/rotors and other industrial fall out. This ensures the embedded particles don’t have a chance to rust and ruin your clear coat over time.

We also mechanically Clay the paints surface to ensure any embedded contaminates are removed, which creates a super slick surface. This promotes proper bonding of wax and paint sealant. We only clay cars that are to get polished. Claying has a chance to micro-mar the finish as it essential removes contaminates that can scratch the finish. We want to ensure your paint stays at its best if you only option for a wash and seal service!

Compounding and Polishing AKA Paint Correction

This is the services that gives majority of your Gloss/Shine and  crisp reflection

This is the area that makes or breaks a detailers service and a customers experience!

We use the best skill set to leave your paint leveled and swirl/ buffer trailed/ D/A Haze Free.

We also start off with the least aggressive approach to meet your expectations. This leaves your car with the most possible Clearcoat as factory Clear is thinner then a sticky post it note!

We picked up technique( such as the Kevin Brown Method)from the best in the business and even had some as our mentors such as Mike Phillips and the B.O.S.S Jeff Brown.

Last Step Protection

We offer various types and lengths of Paint protection to seal in all that hard work and perfection!

We offer wax, Paint Sealants, Si02 and Ti02 sprays along with long-term Ceramic/nano coatings.

IF you’re looking for the BEST in the Pittsburgh Auto Detailing industry book with us!

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